Top Treatments For Redness

Our top fixes to help reduce facial redness


Our top fixes to help reduce facial redness

Anyone can experience facial redness and/or sensitivity at different points in their life, and it can be caused by a myriad of factors. Sometimes it can occur due to an underlying skin condition such as Rosacea, other times it can be environmental or lifestyle changes such as sun exposure, dryness, acne or over-exfoliation.

In order to treat redness, it’s important to understand the underlying reasons why, as it can be an underlying health issue. We would always advise booking a dermatology appointment first to address the issue and rule out any hidden causes.

Excel V Laser Treatment for Redness, at Medicetics London

Top Redness Fixes:

Once you identify the cause of your redness, you can find a way to help calm red, flushed skin. Scroll down for a range of treatments to help.

Identify the triggers

Is it hot showers? Or caffeine, red wine, spicy food? All difficult to cut-out, we know… The good news is that the most common trigger we see in the clinic is using products that are too much - or simply just wrong for your skin type and/ or condition. Keep it simple! (And read Dr. Vicky’s book the Positive Ageing Plan for a deep dive into her ‘Intervention Skin Programme’.)

Slather On Cream

A calming, sometimes richer-than-usual face cream can do wonders for your skin, hydrating the barrier and helping to repair and soothe. Speak to your doctor or medical aesthetician for specialised skincare as well as prescription creams that can help with rosacea and acne redness.

Epionce is our go-to range for soothing, barrier-repairing botanical ingredients. Intensive Nourishing Cream is a firm favourite over the winter months. You can buy this at our clinic

Zap zap zap!

We love using lasers to help treat a number of skin conditions. Excel V is a non-invasive treatment that uses high-energy beams of light to target broken blood vessels and dark spots without damaging the surrounding skin. It’s one of the most advanced lasers in our industry and can treat both face and body.

The IPL photofacial is also a fantastic light treatment, especially when you want to address brown spots at the same time.

Gen-V Laser Facial

This is an essential component of our Signature Facial for sensitive skins. As well as giving a great glow, improving the appearance of pores and early fine lines Gen-V is a fantastic way to maintain the results of laser treatment - or to keep mild redness under control.

Heal your gut

We take an integrated approach to your health and skin. Many skin conditions including redness are strongly linked to your gut health. Speak to our Functional Medicine team in partnership with humanpeople to find out more.