The Medicetics Story

Founded in 2006 by Dr Vicky Dondos and Dr Geoff Mullan Medicetics is the go-to clinic for all round natural beauty, the destination for people who want to look their best at every age.

We help our clients to be the best version of themselves: our programmes, products and treatments help you feel fresh, healthy and beautiful - comfortable in your own glorious skin.

The Medicetics Approach

Healthy, glowing skin. It’s what we all crave, right?

We know there are seemingly endless options of treatments available which can feel overwhelming and … hands up if this is you … sometimes mean spontaneous decisions are made. We’re not judging! But we are offering a better option. We believe in following science, not hype.

Our approach is purely positive – kinder, less critical, less judgemental and more holistic. You deserve that! Combining a mix of non-surgical, holistic and prescriptive treatments, our aim is to help our clients look fresh and rested, while maintaining a totally natural-looking appearance. We believe that looking good feels good. At every age.

The experienced Medicetics Team at their Central London aesthetic clinic

Why Choose Medicetics?

We provide a different approach to aesthetics and skincare by putting into action our Positive Ageing Ethos and tailoring it to YOU.  

We continually collaborate with our team of doctors, aestheticians, hormone, nutrition and supplement experts, drawing on our collective knowledge and experience to bring out your best, fresher-looking self. 

We take the stress and confusion away and provide honest, trustworthy advice and support that provides you with a well thought out and integrated approach. We know what works, and for who. We follow science and not trends. 

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The Positive Ageing Plan

Written by our co-founder Dr Vicky Dondos, The Positive Ageing Plan offers expert advice to help you better understand your skin, find the right skincare approach, learn radiance-boosting lifestyle tips, get the lowdown on the cosmetic treatments available to you and above all, appreciate your own natural beauty.

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Founded by Dr. Geoff Mullan, humanpeople, is transforming longevity and healthcare.

Through at-home diagnostic testing, humanpeople help you start a better health journey.

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