Microsclerotherapy safely eliminates the appearance of spider veins


Microsclerotherapy safely eliminates the appearance of spider veins

Microsclerotherapy (leg vein injections) safely eliminate the appearance of spider veins, broken veins, and other vascular conditions that appear on the surface of the skin. Although leg thread veins are usually not painful or harmful, they can affect your confidence when you want to bare your legs.

Treatments take only 30 minutes to perform and there’s no need for surgery or anaesthesia, just a simple injection can start eliminating the appearance of broken veins. Most clients need about 3-4 leg vein injection sessions before seeing noticeable results. These results will last a long time, and we recommend sessions every 1-2 years for maintenance.



Microsclerotherapy Small Area



Microsclerotherapy Large Area




Microsclerotherapy Small Area

£350 per session

Microsclerotherapy Large Area

£550 per session


Am I Suitable For Microsclerotherapy? 

 If you have broken, visible veins that appear smooth to the touch on your arms or legs, then you may be suitable for Microsclerotherapy.

Microsclerotherapy cannot be used on your face, we recommend Excel V laser treatment, IPL or radiosurgery. Please get in touch with our team to discuss your options.

Microsclerotherapy is also not suitable to treat varicose veins. So if your veins appear larger and bumpy you will need to be treated using a different method by a vascular surgeon.

Does Microsclerotherapy hurt?

Most clients only feel a slight stinging, itching sensation when the solution is injected into the veins. The sensation typically subsides within a couple of hours.

Aftercare and Recovery

The Microsclerotherapy procedure takes about thirty minutes to perform; during this time, a special solution is injected into the broken veins. Over time, this solution causes the veins to close up. The body then absorbs these destroyed veins, resulting in clearer skin.

Common side effects can include slight bruising, which can take up to a week to settle. Clients will need to wear compression stockings (provided by Medietics) 24/7 for three days after the treatment to reduce bruising. After this three-day period, stockings should be worn during the day only for the following two weeks.


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