Painless, Scarless Mole Removal in Central London. A one day service with our experienced Doctors

Painless, scarless mole removal

Let’s face it – the idea of mole removal is a scary one. Whilst you want to enjoy clear skin, you’re understandably hesitant to undergo the unknown and discomfort associated with mole removal. Plus, what happens once the mole is gone? Will you be left with a noticeable scar?

If the above sounds familiar to you we can tell you that mole removal really isn’t as scary as it sounds. The painless and scarless mole removal at Medicetics really is just that, painless and scarless.


Medicetics is home to the most innovative and convenient mole removal treatment in London. Medicetics is staffed with expert doctors who are highly experienced in removing moles in such a way that leaves little to no scar.

Claire was a patient who was hesitant to undergo mole removal surgery for fear of it leaving terrible scarring:

“I was really surprised how easy the whole process was. I had been agonising over whether to have a mole on my face removed but was scared of leaving a scar. Although Dr. Mullan told me it might take 2-3 months for my scar to settle down, it has already disappeared after 6 weeks and it didn’t hurt at all.”

Additionally, consultation, diagnosis, and treatment can all occur within a single appointment, making Medicetics mole removal a fantastic option for patients with busy lives.


Our Mole Removal Process

During your consultation, a Medicetics Doctor will analyse and diagnose your mole; this diagnosis helps Medicetics determine the best mole removal process possible. Our preferred mole removal treatment utilises radiosurgery, a safe and effective treatment that quickly removes the mole in just a few minutes, with no stitches required.

Radiosurgery is virtually painless, making this a great treatment for patients who may be nervous about the discomfort associated with the procedure.

After the procedure has been performed, patients may see a small superficial wound; however, this wound typically fades within one to two weeks. Any resulting marks are imperceptible to others.

Additionally, Medicetics can send suspicious moles to an independent laboratory for testing for you. This step ensures that we catch any skin issues that could lead to bigger health problems down the road. Your Doctor will discuss whether your mole looks suspicious and should be investigated further with you during your consultation. 

Don’t let a mole prevent you from feeling your best. Book a mole removal consultation with a Medicetics doctor today – and enjoy a mole-free appearance tomorrow!