skincare trusted by dermatologists 


skincare trusted by dermatologists 

When it comes to professional skincare, how do you know which brands on the shelves are the ones you can trust?

Step into any department store or cosmetics shop and you’ll likely notice a wide range of skin creams, serums, oils, and a variety of other treatments all touting the same message – they’ll help you realize your best skin ever. But after spending dozens of pounds on the latest creams and taking them home, you’re always disappointed to see that they barely make a difference.

If you’re ready to find a reliable skincare line trusted by dermatologists and skin care professionals, then it’s time to try Obagi Nu-Derm.

As a top professional skincare clinic in London and Cirencester, Medicetics is pleased to offer Obagi skincare products to clients who are looking to continue enjoying the glowing, flawless skin they achieved within the spa. Obagi skincare products are developed by dermatologists, and are widely regarded to be the gold standard treatment for pigmentation, acne, oily skin, and other complexion issues.

Obagi is designed to combat a specific complexion woe. For example, clients who are having issues with wrinkles and fine lines may benefit from using the Obagi Nu-Derm System, while clients who have are suffering from adult acne can benefit from the CLENZIderm M.D. system.

Obagi is only available at professional skincare clients and dermatologists’ offices; that’s because a dermatologist or doctor should diagnose your skin issue before you select your desired skincare line.

obagi nu-derm skincare

Benefits of Obagi skincare products include the following:

• They can speed up cellular turnover, leading to younger looking skin that’s free from blemishes and fine lines;

• They can help increase the production of collagen and elastin in the skin;

• They can produce the kind of exceptional results you just don’t see from over-the-counter or even designer skincare products.