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Dr Geoffrey Mullan co-founded Medicetics in 2006 with Dr Vicky Dondos. He is acknowledged as one of the UK’s foremost experts in cosmetic medicine and is a certified Functional Medicine practitioner who takes a holistic approach to wellbeing. He also has a degree in endocrinology. In 2017, Dr Geoff founded HumanPeople, specialising in personalised supplements. 

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Dr Vicky Dondos and Dr Geoff Mullan of Medicetics London discussing effective aesthetic treatments

A member of the Institute of Functional Medicine his approach to healthy skin starts from the inside for long-lasting results and general health. His cutting-edge approach integrates genetics, gut health and essential biomarkers.

As a cosmetic surgeon, who taught anatomy at Guys Hospital and also worked at the Royal Marsden Head and Neck Unit, he has a highly advanced understanding of the deep structures of the face, making him uniquely placed to work with fillers at a deep level, yielding the most natural-looking, balanced results.

A highly experienced practitioner, Dr Mullan has completed more than 20,000 procedures to date.

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Dr Geoff Mullan co-founded humanpeople a science-driven nutrition brand tailored for each individual.

humanpeople's mission is clear: equip you with the essential tools, expert guidance and credible information to enrich your health journey.

Take control of your health goals and track your improvements easily over time.

You start with a simple at home blood test to understand what your body truly needs.

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Dr Geoff's Treatment Highlights


    Mole Removal

    Dr Geoff is an expert at removing moles and skin tags with our radiosurgery technique.

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    Nutritional Therapy

    Help your body get the nutrients it actually needs with our IV Drips.

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    No incisions, scars or stitches, this 45 minute procedure improves definition and lift without adding volume.

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    Fat Dissolving Injections

    This is a great way to remove stubborn areas of excess fat from areas such as the chin, arms, knees and thighs.

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