The Times reviews Mesotherapy Treatment at Medicetics


The Times reviews Mesotherapy Treatment at Medicetics

The Times visited our Connaught Street clinic to review our Mesotherapy treatment and spoke to our co-founder Dr Vicky Dondos. Scroll down to read the article. 

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Trick or treatment: Mesotherapy; an über-facial

What is it? A series of at least 200 injections of vitamins, minerals and hyaluronic acid – it’s like mainlining a facial. The solution is injected into a tiny gap between the top three and four layers of skin on your face, where it stays until the skin is ready to absorb it.

“Your diet is a sufficient source of antioxidants, but there is evidence that by applying vitamins C and E topically you get a double whammy,” says Vicky Dondos, a hospital doctor specialising in aesthetics and co-founder of Medicetics, a London medispa. She claims that the vitamins counteract free radicals and will protect against UV rays while the hyaluronic acid (a naturally occurring substance) nourishes and hydrates the skin, making it appear plumper and fresher.

Good for? Dry skin, long-haul flights and the party season. Mesotherapy is not just for the face: a soybean and coffee injection is popular for cellulite reduction.

Ouch factor? There isn’t one, because the injections are so superficial. “I’ve had patients fall asleep while I use a meso-gun which gives 500 injections per minute,” Dr Dondos says.

Clock-watching? The treatment takes 30 minutes; a course of at least three is recommended, with two weeks between appointments. Maintenance appointments need to be booked after six months, then every six months after that.

Downtime None, you can go back to work.

What to ask? It’s tricky getting the injection between the third and fourth layer of skin, so check that your practitioner does the procedure frequently. Likewise, make sure that he or she is a doctor or nurse. It’s not a prescribed solution so it’s unregulated.